Seller Tips

When selling a home be prepared for a ready, willing and able buyer to purchase your home. Begin with hiring a Realtor® that will help price your home within market value and recognize current competitive listings. Wide-spread marketing is vital to achieve a quick and successful sale. Ask the Realtor® if he/she is a member of multiple multi-listing services so your listing will have a higher direct agent contact percentage rate. The ole “declutter” and remove personal items is still a must. Replace or repair any known healthy and safety defects. These few tips will help ensure a successful sale of your home.

Buyer Tips

Maintaining a home can be costly. So, when you schedule a new home to tour, ask in advance some basic but important questions about recurring expenses that will be in addition to your monthly payment. Get an average monthly cost of each utility service, cable and internet. Association Dues and other fees involving the property should be disclosed as well. Find out the age of the HVAC, Roof and Hot Water Heater to help avoid replacing these items soon after purchasing your home. It is a good idea to purchase or ask the seller to provide a Home Warranty as part of your purchase offer.